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Burundi Transparence, News are continue.

Last Updated: 06 March 2009


Louis Michel in Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC next week.
This visit will allow the Commissioner Michel of holding a series of bilateral meetings with the leaders of these three countries as well as with international representatives result of commons military operations in the region to tackle Hutu rebels...
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Last Updated: 06 March 2009


The Court, does it not to do appear certain key personalities in the trial of the Hon. Radjabu and others?
The defense make a request to the judge to appear some officials it deems keys in this case and that would be principal witnesses. The judge has received but immediately informed the defense that the Court will decide to people to make appear...
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Last Updated: 04 March 2009


The president Nkurunziza is he afraid of the congress of his party, he proposes to postpone a week.
When the chairman of that party, the hon Jérémie Ngendakumana, had proposed to the president Nkurunziza to organize this Congress for the 07 March, Nkurunziza wanted to use the argument that he will not going to finance this congress believing that Jeremiah will get difficulties in collecting the sum required and this collection go delay the holding of this congress...
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Last Updated: 02 March 2009


The president Nkurunziza wanted to trap the demobilized ex-FAB.
The president Nkurunziza can no longer bet on his victory in 2010. Nkurunziza and his political party, the Cndd-Fdd, had many wagered the role that would play the demobilized ex-FDD in the coming general elections of 2010...
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Last Updated: 02 March 2009


A Home Affairs minister convene a meeting of the Muslims religious, never seen before.
Yesterday, Sunday 01 March, the Home Affairs Minister has convened a meeting of the Council of Sheikhs of Burundi and these have been selected according to their political opinion in Burundi. They met in a hall of the Center Professional and Administrative, commonly called ENA...
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Last Updated: 28 February 2009


Press Release N° 34, February 27, 2009 Representatives of the people in the Respect of the Act.
This day of 27 February 2009, we the representatives of the people in the respect of the act, commemorate twenty-two months' imprisonment abuse of the Honorable El Hadj Hussein Radjabu and wish to relate this situation to the national and international opinion the following... Read more
Also in Kirundi
Last Updated: 28 February 2009


DRC: the president of the National Assembly called upon to the resignation.
The camp of the chief of Congolese State Joseph Kabila has called Friday the president of the National Assembly Vital Kamerhe to the "resignation", for its critical comments on the entry end of January of Rwandan soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)...
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Last Updated: 27 February 2009


Rwanda: a former Catholic priest sentenced to 25 years in prison in Arusha
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), in Arusha, condemned, today, a former ready catholic for crime of genocide and crimes against humanity in relation to the massacres 1994 Rwandan. Emmanuel Rukundo, former chaplain of the former Rwandan army has been hit by 25 years in prison. He had been arrested in 2001 in Geneva and transferred to Aursha. "The judges considered that Mr. Rukundo had participated in the murder of Tutsi civilians in Gitarama prefecture and that at the mid-April 1994, MR. Rukundo, in the company of some soldiers in the Rwandan army, have abducted and killed a lady in this area," explains Roland Amoussouga, spokesperson for the ICTR in Arusha. According to Mr. Amoussouga that the assailants had "severely beaten and wounded » two children of the victim.
Last Updated: 27 February 2009


A congress of Cndd-Fdd that the president Nkurunziza refuses to support.
Now that the president Nkurunziza feels more pull out feathers, he said at Jérémie to find the money and finance the organization of the congress, he will give anything from his pocket. He added that when the Hon El Hadj Hussein Radjabu headed the party Cndd-Fdd, it requested on Radjabu to find money to organize the congresses.
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Last Updated: 26 February 2009


The Vice was tightening around planners the editing sent the Hon Radjabu in prison.
The Court had agreed to convened some personalities to testify in the trial of Radjabu and accused (the file number RPSA29). These personalities are the generals Adolphe Nshimirimana, director of the presidential intelligence agency (Documentation), Alain Bunyoni, minister of the security, Evariste Ndayishimiye, director of the military cabinet to the presidency and colonel Jean Ngendanganya, First Secretary Embassy of Burundi in South Africa...
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Last Updated: 18 February 2009


The militia of Cndd-Fdd in Bujumbura, and some news in brief of the Cndd-Fdd.
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Last Updated: 18 February 2009


The presidential police (Documentation) is behind the organization of the militias in Burundi. .
Some have complained of the bad organization and supervision of demobilized in certain parts of Burundi. The final decision was that some agents of Documentation will be transferred and the other inverted. The primary objective of this mutation and swap, will in many frame the demobilized ex-FDD under the banner of the youth of Cndd-Fdd...
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Last Updated: 16 February 2009


The Textile Complex of Bujumbura on the list of companies to privatize
The Textile Complex of Bujumbura (COTEBU) could reopen soon after its closure and dismissal 2006 and 2007 of almost 1600 workers, indicated this Monday, its director-general, Jean Hakizimana. This company is since 2007 on the list of enterprises for privatization. Currently, the service responsible of public enterprises (SCEP) is currently recruiting an studdy office on the feasibility of this operation, said Mr. Hakizimana...
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Last Updated: 16 February 2009


Visit of the Belgian minister of cooperation in Burundi and in Tanzania.
The Belgian minister of the development cooperation, Charles Michel, will leave Brussels saturday for a work visit in Burundi and Tanzania, it was learned monday of belgian official source. In Bujumbura, Charles Michel will have discussions with the members of Government of Burundi with which it will focus on state of cooperation between Belgium and Burundi...
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Actualités actives

Le président Nkurunziza a-t-il peur du congrès de son parti, il propose de le repousser d’une semaine.

Le président Nkurunziza a voulu piéger les démobilisés ex-FAB.

Un ministre de l’intérieur convoque une réunion des religieux musulmans, du jamais vu.

Communiqué N° 34 du 27 Février 2009 des Représentants du peuple Epris du Respect de la Loi.

RDC: le président de l'Assemblée nationale appelé à la démission.

Un congrès du Cndd-Fdd que le président Nkurunziza refuse de soutenir.

L’étau se resserre autour des planificateurs du montage qui a envoyé l’Hon Radjabu en prison.

Le congrès du Cndd-Fdd du 07/03/2009.

Grogne du personnel de média à la radio Rema FM.

6 soldats de la force africaine tués dans une attaque suicide.

Une caserne de l'Union africaine (burundais) attaquée à Mogadiscio.

La malhabileté des habiles.

L’enseignement au Burundi frappé par plusieurs problèmes.

Le ministère public demande 2 ans et 6 mois de prison contre l'opposant Alexis Sinduhije.

La police présidentielle (Documentation) est derrière l’organisation des milices au Burundi.

La milice du Cndd-Fdd aux portes de Bujumbura, et quelques brèves nouvelles du Cndd-Fdd.

La Police Nationale du Burundi à l’instar de l’ancienne Gendarmerie.

Le Complexe Textile de Bujumbura sur la liste des entreprises à privatiser.

Visite du ministre belge de la Coopération au Burundi et en Tanzanie.

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